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Fakeha Khan

As an NLP Practitioner, my background in engineering, digital marketing, and Islamic studies creates a unique perspective. I leverage my technical understanding of language processing to apply NLP techniques more effectively while my knowledge of Islamic studies opens doors to explore the interaction between language patterns and religious texts. This passion for language extends to my work as an Arabic Grammar and Tajweed teacher, and my experience as a motivational speaker and life coach informs my approach to using NLP for personal development. As the COO of StudyPal Institute, I combine my NLP knowledge with my diverse skillset to contribute to the institute’s growth and impact.

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Personal Transformational Coaching

Experience profound personal growth through one-on-one coaching sessions. Our NLP coaches guide you in overcoming limiting beliefs, setting empowering goals, and achieving lasting positive change.


Relationship Empowerment Sessions

Strengthen your relationships through NLP-informed coaching. Learn effective communication in relationships, resolve conflicts, and create deeper connections with your loved ones


Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Find relief from anxiety and stress using NLP techniques. Our specialized sessions focus on reprogramming your mind for calmness, resilience, and a more balanced emotional state

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